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Real Estate Transactions Resources

General Real Property Treatises and Practice Guides

In conducting research regarding real estate transactions, you may need to consult a general resource on real property to fully understand the law. The following resources are available online and in print in the Law Library.


Miller & Starr California Real Estate (4th ed.), KFC 140 .M522 (First Floor)

California Real Estate Law & Practice by Don Augustine, et al.


Palomar on Title Insurance  

Patton & Palomar on Land Titles (3rd ed.), KF 670 .P3 (Second Floor) 

Powell on Real Property, KF 570 .P57 (Second Floor) 

Tiffany on Real Property 

Real Estate Transactions Treatises and Practice Guides

There are a number of excellent resources dealing specifically with real estate transactions available both online and in print in the Law Library.


Rutter California Practice Guide: Real Property Transactions by Dennis L. Greenwald, KFC 169.A6 G74 (First Floor) 

California Real Property Sales Transactions by Janis LaRoche Blanchette, et al., KFC 169 .C342 (First Floor)  

California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation by Roger Bernhardt, et al., KFC 175 .B472 (First Floor)  

Handling Real Property Sales Transactions Action Guide by Jon L. Mangus & Llewellyn P. Chinches, KFC 140.M36 2015 (First Floor) 


Contracts and Conveyances of Real Property, by Milton R. Friedman 

Law of Real Estate Financing by Michael T. Madison, et al.

Purchase and Sale of Real Property by Karl B. Holtzschue 

Real Estate Transactions: Structure and Analysis with Forms by Myron Kove & Alvin L. Arnold