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Commercial Leasing Resources

General Real Property Treatises and Practice Guides

In conducting research regarding commercial leasing, you may need to consult a general resource on real property to fully understand the law. The following resources are available online and in print in the Law Library.


Miller & Starr California Real Estate, KFC 140 .M522 (First Floor) and on Westlaw

California Real Estate Law & Practice, KFC 140 .B45 (First Floor) and on Lexis Advance


Palomar on Title Insurance, on   Westlaw

Patton & Palomar on Land Titles, KF 670 .P3 (Second Floor) and on Westlaw

Powell on Real Property, KF 570 .P57 (Second Floor) and on Lexis Advance

Tiffany on Real Property, on Westlaw

Commercial Leasing Treatises and Practice Guides

There are a few excellent resources dealing specifically with leasing available both online and in print in the Law Library. Note that most of these resources discuss both commercial and residential leasing, so you should be alert and make sure the section(s) you are looking at are applicable in commercial situations. These resources should note when the law differs in residential and commercial contexts.


Rutter California Practice Guide: Landlord-Tenant, KFC 145.F75 (First Floor), and on Westlaw

California Landlord-Tenant Litigation, on Lexis Advance

California Landlord-Tenant Practice, KFC 145 .C365 (First Floor), and on CEB OnLAW


Friedman on Leases, KF 590 .F75 (Second Floor), and on Bloomberg Law

Commercial Real Estate Leasing, on Westlaw