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Commercial Leasing Resources


Practice in the area of Commercial Leasing relies heavily on the use of forms and sample agreements. Forms are documents that allow an attorney simply to fill in the blanks (e.g., parties' names, price, etc.) in order to draft a document. Sample agreements are either actual or hypothetical agreements that an attorney can look to in order to understand how an agreement should be structured. While many of the treatises and practice guides discussed above provide sample forms and/or agreements, there are additional resources that consist solely or mainly of these types of documents.

Forms and Drafting Aids


Miller & Starr California Real Estate Forms, KFC140.A65 .M552 and on  Westlaw

  • Chapter 2 provides sample lease forms

California Legal Forms, vols. 9-18, KFC68 .C32 and on Lexis Advance

  • Chapter 34C provides commercial lease forms

Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease, on CEB OnLAW

Retail Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease, on CEB OnLAW


Modern Real Estate Practice Forms, on Westlaw

  • Chapter 78 provides commercial lease forms

Current Leasing Law and Techniques - Forms, on Lexis Advance

Negotiating and Drafting Office Leases, on Lexis Advance